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Game Grumps

General Information

Created by Raymond Carter

Game Grumps © to Jon Jefari and Arin Hanson

The Plot

Arin and Jon are in the middle of the recording their latest Game Grumps episode, only to find the new game they had purchased had gone missing. They quickly suspect it is the work of Arin's neighbor, Dr. Willy. Our heroes then decide to sneak over to Dr. Willy's house, believing he is not home at the time. As they enter the basement to look for the said game, they hear footsteps and quickly hide. As feared, Dr. Willy hasn't left his house and is carrying with him a small bag, full of Arin's old games. He places them into a machine, not noticing Arin or Jon until Jon lets out a cry as he watches Super Mario All-Stars go into the machine along with Mega Man 7. Dr. Willy notices them, cackles, and places them in a trap as a metal cage falls upon them. Dr. Willy seeks to create one giant video game, no longer retaining the nostalgia that older games have given people. He wants to wipe that feeling from mankind, thus he crushes and merges all the games together. In a bizarre ray of lights, Arin and Jon are then told they'll be joining the games. The light engulfs them and they're transported into a strange 8-bit world. Thus our heroes learn that they must fight through one world of all the games that were meshed together in order to reach a new, super powered Dr. Willy and defeat him, gaining the ability to reverse what he has done as now the real world was this 8 bit world.

The Characters

There are two playable characters here. You can either play as Arin or as Jon. This is the ideal goal. If ultimately I cannot program a Character Select screen before each level, then Arin will be playable with Jon giving advice over a Walkie Talkie whenever the player is stuck or will offer a witty (somewhat, at least) remark to something in the level.

Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson (Playable)

Arin Hanson is known on the internet as Egoraptor. He is the more talented of the duo when it comes to defeating enemies. He will be able to jump higher due to weight and his Attack Speed is faster due to higher reflexes. He is best friends with Jon "JonTron" Jefari.

Jon "JonTron" Jefari (Playable, possibly)

Jon Jefari is known for hosting his review show called JonTron, which mostly consists of video game reviews, but not all of them are. He is best friends with Arin Hanson, aka Egoraptor. Together, they now must find and stop Dr. Willy from fully converting the world into an 8-bit cluster of games that will soon get rid of the nostalgic feeling and replace it with an annoyed feeling.

Dr. Willy (Primary Antagonist)

Dr. Willy is Arin Hanson's highly intelligent neighbor. He doesn't have a fondness of video games, nor is he fond of our protagonists. His goal is to ruin the world by forcing it to become an 8-bit/16-bit world, forcing people to relive a cluster of games in reality, where death is certain if they are bad at the game. He wants everyone to become sick of games as he has become sick of them as well.

TurboMan (Mega Man World Boss)

TurboMan is part of the Mega Man world. He is being controlled by Dr. Willy this time, not Dr. Wily. He is specifically instructed to stop Arin and Jon from progressing to his lair.

Pirate Pete (Goof Troop World Boss)

Pirate Pete is part of the Goof Troop world. He is recovering from the beating that Goofy and Max gave him, but he's far from declining the challenge of keeping Arin and Jon away from Dr. Willy. With the promise of gold and candy, Pirate Pete decides to aid Dr. Willy and attempts to stop Arin and Jon as well.

King Dedede and Kirby (Kirby World Boss)

King Dedede is part of the Kirby world. Hypnotized by Dr. Willy, both King Dedede and Kirby join forces in order to attempt to stop Arin and Jon from getting to Dr. Willy.

Bowser (Mario World Boss)

Bowser mistakes Arin and Jon for wanting to save Princess Peach instead of Mario coming, engaging in battle with them within the Mario world before Mario's able to arrive at the said world in his game.

Gym Leader Roxanne (Pokemon World Boss)

Roxanne is part of the Pokemon world. She stops Arin and Jon, challenging them to a Pokemon battle. As they have no Pokemon, they must fight Roxanne's Pokemon themselves.

Game Overview (Short Summaries)

The Worlds

Mega Man World – Our dynamic duo is dropped into the Mega Man World where TurboMan is causing chaos and Mega Man is nowhere in sight. Our heroes must tame TurboMan if they want to gather the first piece of the Transfixer to restore the world to its old self.

World Boss: TurboMan

Kirby World – Landing in the land of Kirby, our dynamic duo finds both Kirby and King Dedede hypnotized by Dr. Willy and must free Kirby of his control before confronting King Dedede in order to get the second piece of the Transfixer.

Mini Boss: Kirby
World Boss: King Dedede

Goof Troop World – Our heroes arrive after Pirate Pete is recovering from the beating he had received from Goofy and Max. Though persuaded by gold and candy, he agrees to fight once more and try to prevent our heroes from progressing to the next piece of the Transfixer.

World Boss: Pirate Pete

Pokemon World – Our heroes stumble into Pettleburg City, being challenged by various trainers all at random. They then face Gym Leader Roxanne, whom has been hypnotized into beliving Arin and Jon want to destroy the city, sicking her Geodudes and Nosepass after them. They must defeat her Pokemon to break the hypnosis on her as well as to get the next piece of the Transfixer.

Mini Boss: Geodude Team

World Boss: Gym Leader Roxanne (Nosepass Pokemon)

Mario World – Within the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser is ready for Mario to come and save the Princess. While Mario is nowhere in sight, Bowser mistakes Arin and Jon for being other heroes that want to save her as well. They fight their way through the horde of Goombas and turtles before facing Bowser in his flying copter. The next piece of the Transfixer is hanging around Peach's neck, so they must defeat Bowser to get to her.

World Boss: Bowser

Dr. Willy's World – Our heroes make it to Dr. Willy's world, fighting off his servant robots, Goombas, and even little creatures from Kirby's world. Realizing that Dr. Willy has the last piece needed to activate the Transfixer, Arin and Jon set out to find and confront him once and for all.

World Boss: Dr. Willy

The Power Ups

There are power ups that Arin and Jon can get throughout the game. They either gain some sort of temporary boost to speed or attack power, but otherwise they're collectables and health pick-ups.

Large Health Ball – This will restore Arin/Jon's health by 50%

Small Health Ball – This will restore Arin/Jon's health by 25%

Soda Pop – Recharges Arin/Jon's Attack Energy Bar by 2

Can of Compressed Air – Sends Arin or Jon into a coughing fit, increasing attack speed by 15% (Experimental?)

Infinity Star – Makes Arin/Jon invincible for 30 seconds

The Enemies

These are the various enemies you encounter within the game.

Goombas – the servants of Bowser

Turtles – Also servants of Bowser

Geodudes – Pokemon of Pokemon Trainers

Pirates – Minions of Pirate Pete

Poppy Bros. – Kirby enemies

Tiny Knights – Kirby enemies
Here's a random game concept I came up with last year after watching Goof Troop, Pokemon and their Mega Man 7 playthrough. I don't intend to complete this concept since I've lost interest in the grumps as John is no longer there (thus making the concept a bit more irrelevant than it was back then). If you want to use it to springboard a Game Grumps game idea, go right ahead. Just credit me for getting you started, okay?

Game Grumps is copyright to Egoraptor and JonTron. If this concept is used exactly as written or used as a brainstorming board, please give me credit for getting the gears rolling. Thanks!
GalaxyWolfs Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
If I knew how to program I would so be in on this, especially the goof troop part
lkmk Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
interesting concept.
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