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Chapter 1: The Dawn of Disaster

At that fateful moment, Crispen was now deemed Crash. His life taken from him, but he still had his memories. From that moment on, he was starting life as a new man. One whose world would nearly corrupt his once very protective soul. As time passed, he grew weary of being able to save Melda in time. He still had not found her or Corruptuious, but he wasn't giving up. A fool was to dream of how successful he'd become, but the warrior sets out to do it without thinking, that was his motto.

Meanwhile, up in the high mountains, Corruptuious chuckled, having had an ongoing war against the Mojo Gods ever since he had stolen Melda from them.
“How is the girl in the dungeon?” he asked one of his warriors.
“The girl is starving, my lord,” a warrior said, having filled his own armor quite nicely with fat. “She wishes to be released, but we deny her. She's getting restless also. She said she has had plans for a suitor, but somehow knows he is gone as his passion for her has died out by waiting for so long.”
“I do not care,” Corruptuious snapped, with a flare of his yellow nostrils. “She will die soon, I'm sure of it. Then the Mojo Gods only have that pathetic brother of hers, whom I can easily defeat. It is not without question he's been searching for her, but he is no god. Unlike me, he has no power. I will crush him like the my beasts crush a man with their bare teeth.” He cackled maniacally.
“I believe this, my lord,” the warrior said. “I believe we can feed her though instead of starve her to death.”
“You insolent fool!” snapped Corruptuious. “If we feed her regularly, she will most certainly not perish!” His meaty yellow hand stroked his long beard as if he was suddenly thinking.
“I'm sorry, my lord,” the warrior said, bowing his head in shame. “I noticed you have a thought. Care to share?”
“Yes,” Corruptuious said rather calmly. “It is the second year the girl has been separated from her brother. Surely she should of died by now by how little water or food we bring to her.”
“Maybe hope is keeping her alive?” the warrior inquired.
“Hope?” Corruptuious laughed. “Hope is only a word. It could not make her last so long. No, it couldn't. I think someone has been sneaking food to her. How does she look?”
“Surprisingly beautiful, my lord,” the warrior said, blushing slightly. “Large breasts, too. Ingenuity has taken a liking to them.”
“Really now?” Corruptuious asked.
“If she perhaps spent some prison time with Ingenuity, then maybe that will shorten her life.” He chuckled a bit.
“I'll see to it that she's chained up into Ingenuity's quarters,” the warrior bowed and then ran off.
“Soon the Mojo Gods will be convinced I am not bluffing,” Corruptuious said under his breath.

On the evening of the second night of the ongoing torture for our hero, Crash walked down a dirt path that connected the city of Athos and the Valley of Sorrow. His fur had gotten ashy, making it lose its orange glow. He took his blade out as he reached quite a few tall trees, creating a massive dense collection of vines. He looked around as all he saw was darkness surrounding him in the forest, though Asspin followed him, glowing dimly to provide some light.
“We are really going to the Valley of Sorrows?” he asked.
Crash nodded, slicing through more vines. He soon came up to a clearing where it was apparent there was a small town, more or less abandoned or forgotten by the self-proclaimed “important people”. He walked into one of the run down buildings, which had the roof missing and part of the north wall missing as well as everything inside being covered by dust. Though an old dingo seemed to be sitting in the building, reading a book silently to himself.
“Excuse me, sir,” Asspin called out to the dingo. “Where are we, good sir?”
The dingo looked back at them, though looked more so like a combined version of two animals. He had crocodile teeth instead of his own.
“G'Day, mates,” he said, in a rather peculiar accent that neither Asspin or Crash had heard before. “You are in West Old Athos. Normally, we don't get visitors such as yourselves. What brings you here?”
“We are on a quest to find Corruptuious, but we need to get past the Valley of Sorrows first,” Asspin said, rather confidently.
“Never heard of that guy,” the dingo said. “Though I do know a way to that death trap you two want to go through.”
“Really?” Asspin asked. “Then please tell us the way. It's been two years now. We really need some directions.”
“Alright,” the dingo nodded, pulling out a scroll and ripped a feather off a nearby wild chicken and dipped it in some ink, then tried to write on the scroll. “Hmm... This doesn't write like my old pen. Damn these new model pens...”
“Well, that's a feather, sir,” Asspin said. “You need a Quill pen. Isn't that the one on your table right there?”
The dingo looked then gave a momentarily sigh at his own absent mindedness, the grabbed it and began to write on the scroll since there was ink still on the tip. Crash looked at his guardian, then back at the dingo.
“What is your name, good sir?” Asspin asked curiously.
“It's Dingus,” the dingo replied. “Although whatever friends still visit me call me Dingo.” He then handed Crash the scroll with his mark on it. Crash looked at it, then placed it in the pack on his back. “Be careful though, going through that valley. It is said to have some lost souls you'd need to combat just to get out of the hellfire they unleash. They're said to be directly from Hades, trapped in the valley by the Mojo Gods themselves.”
At the mention of the Mojo Gods, Crash growled and drew his blade, holding it up to Dingo's throat.
“Easy there, Crash,” Asspin said. “I'm sorry, Dingo. He gets really angry if you even say those words. He's begun to blame them for his sister's captivity by Corruptuious.”
“Oh my,” Dingo nodded, bowing. “I'm so sorry, but you do look oddly familiar. Almost like a God, even.”
Crash growled again, causing Dingo to jump back this time. Asspin sighed and pushed Crash back a bit.
“This man is helping us,” he said in a hushed tone. “Quit trying to kill him every time he mentions that word.”
Crash sighed and nodded, putting his blade away. He then headed for what used to be the archway for the entrance into the destroyed hut.
“Goodbye and good luck, noble hero,” Dingo said, bowing slightly.
Crash walked out of the hut completely, pulling the scroll out and began to look over it, raising a brow when he noticed it was a map instead of words. He then put it away and ran toward the dark mountains that seemed to be lit up by the midnight moon in the sky.

(To be continued....)
Here's part of Chapter 1 for my Bandicoot of War story.

BoW Prologue: [link]

FanFiction Link (Full Chapter 1): [link]
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Kassyaa Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hááááá :D
This was so much less hard to read. ^^
Thanks for making the chapter in too parts. :hug:
It's so damn interesting to read :3, I chuckled when Dingo said "Damn these new model pens". XD
CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

At least someone liked it. I've only known one person reading it and it apparently gave them "conflicting emotions" (having trouble deciding if it was funny or serious completely).
Kassyaa Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, i like it. <3
CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Woo BD
Kassyaa Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
*hugs and nuzzles like a cute kitten since mah fursona's cute like dat*

Kassyaa Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist

*runs around in circles, then runs into pole* Ow.
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