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Ignoring Asspin and his cautious approach, Crash just put his own blade away and then grabbed the handles of the two daggers and pulled with all of his might, grunting as neither would budge at first. He pulled harder; unaware of the daggers beginning to slide slowly from the rock they were stuck in. A sudden presence of another worldly power began to fill the area around him. He managed to finally yank the blades free, gripping the handles tightly. He then groaned out as a searing hot pain began to go through his hands. A small amount of smoke began to float from his hands as he was forced to bring the blades down and heard the cling against the ground. He looked down and picked up the blades again, an odd marking having appeared on both of his hands that seemed identical to the carving in the rock where the blades used to be. The sky turned gray and clouds suddenly ganged up on one another as thunder roared above the lake before him.
“I think I know what these words are,” Asspin said with a low voice. “No, it cannot be. The Rituitious Blades… Crash, quickly! We must flee! Rituitious will come to claim his blades quite soon!”
Crash just shrugged and waited for this Rituitious to even faintly try to remove a weapon capable of possibly thwarting his plans to save Melda and destroy Corruptious.
Suddenly, the ground began to rumble. It immediately intensified, causing rocks to shift and fall. A few trees fell toward Crash and he managed to roll out of the way of most of them, but it was a near-strike for one of the trees. He growled, looking around as his green eyes flared like fire with the anger building up in his system. They felt like acid whenever he caught Asspin in his vision. This made the mask hide behind a large rock.
The ground underneath Crash’s feet began to shake again. This time he had no time to jump as a grim, yet masculine, hand shot out from the ground and grabbed his leg. Then another hand did the same with Crash’s other leg. He tried to slice at the hands, but it did no good as a hole began to form where the hands were sticking up. Then he fell through.

The low growls and the ashy ground below him finally woke Crash up from his fall. Rituitious stood before him, about four yards away though.
“Good to see you’re up,” the Komodo dragon seemed to hiss. “Now, I’ll gladly be taking my blades back. “Through the heat of battle, that is.” He had his own rather large blade already dawn. “Draw your blades, boy.”
Crash narrowed his eyes and drew both of his new blades, getting into a battle stance. The Komodo dragon before him seemed to have a great advantage. His muscles bulged and wounds from battle were apparent all over his body. He look far from being incapable of destroying Crash right then and there, but something about him gave off the impression that he loved to fight honorably. This impression wasn’t deceiving in the least.
Just as Crash was done collecting thoughts about this mysterious Komodo dragon, he had to dodge the sudden flash of sharp sword that nearly cut his head off. He made a dash for a rock that was located near a larger rock, avoiding fire as it blasted out of the ground intermittently. Using his blades, he jumped up toward the top of the rock and stabbed them into it, creating an easy way of climbing up the said rock. He did successfully make it, but he barely missed being hit by what seemed to be Rituitious’ blade acting like a boomerang as it came back to his strong, unforgiving grip. He cackled as he easily leaped from his ground to the higher rock, which Crash was aiming for.
“This is one opponent you cannot defeat, my dear boy,” he hissed, grinning like a mad man. “Face your demise willingly. No one has ever gotten my blades and lived.”
Crash just growled at him, looking at the blades and smirked when a faint aura of orange seemed to appear. He leaped from the rock, slicing at Rituitious, as the aura grew stronger. It caused the Komodo dragon to fall from the rock, but land on his feet, only with a slight cut on his chest.
“Interesting attempt,” he hissed, seeming like he was only slightly impressed. “You may be a challenge after all.” He cackled as the red lava around the supposed arena began to crackle and rise up like waves in an ocean and then the lava headed straight for Rituitious. A sudden loud roar then filled the area and Crash had to hold onto a ledge to avoid being hit with lava or being flung against the wall, which would make him become an easy target.
When the lava finally subsided from being sucked into Rituitious’ body, Crash let go of the ledge and readied his blades as he noticed a new creature, which resembled Rituitious, stood before him. It roared, its enormous claw swiping down at Crash, whom dodged it easily. He noticed the ground where the lava had been was now accessible and revealed some elevated pieces of rock, leading to a ledge where he could strike at the new beast easily.
Again, he dodged the swiping claw. He then ran toward the first elevated rock, the beast’s giant fist seem to follow him as it rapidly slammed down on the elevated rocks as Crash ran past them. He soon got to the ledge, coming quite close to his demise as the beast’s giant fist barely missed its connecting blow. He pulled himself up and onto the platform, then took off, running out to the tip and leaping for the beast’s head and grunted out, stabbing both blades into both of his eyes, then pulling them out as he jumped back and avoided the swiping hands of the beast as the blades were stabbed into its neck, then chest and arms. Crash landed back on the platform, watching as the creature cried out in pain. Its body lit up like a red candle, then suddenly faded out, turning black and into ashes.
As Crash just stared at this sight, the sight of slaying a powerful being such as Rituitious, a light beam seemed to open up behind him. He ran to it, unaware of the danger he has now caused for himself and the biggest mistake of his life.
Here's part 2 of Chapter 2!
Kassyaa Featured By Owner May 1, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, interesting chapter I like it. ^^
keep it up, can't wait for the next! :heart:
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