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Prologue: The Start of Chaos

Written By: Raymond Carter

The sun shone brightly on the Summer's day. The air was crisp and the crops were ripe. Stepping out in her white dress was the niece of a powerful figure, Corruptuious. For years he has overlooked the world of mortals, envying them. He did so because he was just a mere figurehead for the Mojo Gods. His niece, however, was respected by them as a powerful being. She loved to cause havoc and chaos within the mortal realm.
“Uncle,” she said, looking back at him.
“What is it, Nagia?” Corruptuious asked, glaring at her with cold eyes, obviously deeply envying her.
“I sense the Gods wanting to bring me down and bring you with me,” Nagia said.
“What!?” gasped Corruptuious in disbelief. “I will have no such thing happen. I've been thinking it was time to show them who is really the powerful one here. Yes, that's it. Call Ingenuity!”
“The one that calls himself In-Gen?” Nagia asked.
Corruptuious nodded silently.
“Very well, uncle. Anything to keep my power.” She hurried to find the one her uncle wanted.

In the valleys of Ethos, a young warrior was training to fight off the annual attempt of the invading Pigeons to take over his land. He shot arrows at targets painted by his sister, Ana. This warrior went by a few names – Slayer (which was his favorite nickname in particular), Blade, Cratos, but his birth name was Crispen. With his Marsupian armor, which consisted of a used black shield, a rusted bow and arrow set, and a sharped blade, which Crispen called his Crimson Crystal because it was shaded red and made from crystal. He took it out of his pouch and ran up to a tree, quickly slashing it in a sequence and landed on his feet, logs falling into a bin near where the tree once stood. He smirked and dusted his hands off, as a way of giving himself a job well done.
Crispen's sister, Melda, walked out of the small hut they lived in and waved at him, usually beckoning him inside when it was going to rain or when night fell. Now wasn't the case of either, so it was unusual why she was out here now.
“Crispen!” she called out, hopping up and down in a frantic manner. Her golden blond hair that was tied back into a soft, long tail bounced with her as the dress she wore seemed like it was bouncing slower than her actual body. “Crispen! It is urgent that you come here at once! I have something I want to speak to you about!”
Crispen sighed and put his blade away and put the bow and arrow back in his pouch, then headed toward her. He stopped for a moment, hearing a sudden rumbling and felt the Earth beneath him act as if it were about to move. He had his hand on the handle of his blade, growling and looking around, then jumping back when it seemed something struck his position from the sky, causing dust to fly around him and blind his path. He tried to run for Melda, but soon found where she had been was now bare. He looked around, a panicked yet angry expression on his face, then found a stone in place of where Melda had been. On it was a symbol of one of the Saints of Ethos. He knew where the symbol lay and thought it was a sign, a direction if you will. He placed it in his pouch and marched onto the dirt road, the wind blowing against his orange fur and making his nose bounce a little. He narrowed his eyes as he put his gloved hand in front of them to see the city ahead of him. He then heard a distant roar, beginning to dart toward it now. The stone was unknowingly beginning to glow, amplifying its color within Crispen's pouch.
When he arrived at the gate to the city, he took the stone out, then began to fumble it in his hands as it felt piping hot. The stone seemed to land inside of a crevice that was made inside of a rock and began to glow much brighter, possibly melting a man's hand off easily. Crispen covered his eyes as the light, as white as a star exploding, seemed to light up the area around him and a spirit popped out, forming into what looked like a mask.
“I greet you, Crispen!” it said, in a manly voice. “I am Asspin!  I was summoned to protect you by Melda. I will be by your side anywhere you go for I too fear great danger for you.”
Crispen just tilted his head and shrugged it off, seeming like Melda was captured everyday, which was partly true because of the Pigeons. He opened the gate, running into the city and looked around, gasping and jumping back as a large piece of the town hall fell just a few feet into the sand in front of him. He took his blade out and looked around, growling. Armored Pigeons seemed to come out of nowhere and surround him, sporting shields and armor vests.
“I think we should throw up the white flag,” Asspin pleaded Crispen, who just rolled his eyes.
With a slash, he cut through one of the Pigeons, landing behind another and slicing his head off. Blood spewing everywhere, soon making a small puddle as he jumped to the next Pigeon, taking out two of them with beheading moves, the puddle of blood soon increasing in size. He grunted, sending the last of the surrounding Pigeon soldiers. He chuckled, shaking his head, then blinked when the ground began to shake again, hearing a distant roar, which came from the center of the city. There were blood-curdling screams from every direction, crunching of bones as the monster chewed on its victims.
Crispen headed toward the sound of the monster post haste, now sweating or even panting as he was happy he finally had a challenge. As soon as he rounded the corner, he stopped and his stared the creature down, his mouth agape. It was a giant gorilla of some sorts, though round ears and covered in gray fur that was too light to be a gorilla's.
“Run for your lives!” cried a citizen. “Kong the Ruthless will not stop until Ethas is destroyed!” He ran past Crispen.
“Ethas... The capital of Ethos?” Asspin asked, obviously ignorant of the city he was released in.
Crispen nodded with an annoyed expression on his face. He looked around, charging for  what looked like  a fruit stand, trying to divert the giant eyesore's attention. He grinned as he got the giant's attention, leaping quite a way up into the air and then landed on top of the rather sturdy fruit stand. The eyesore roared loudly, pounding his chest with his massive paws and jumped down, roaring again. Crispen anticipated this and stood firm ground in the face of the charging beast while the merchant of the fruit stand ran off.
The beast smashed into the fruit stand as Crispen seemed to time his leap perfectly as he had his blade out and landed on the beast's face stabbing it into it's left eye, having blood rush from it immediately as it roared out in pain, then began to swipe at Crispen, though missing him terribly. He pulled the blade out and was able to jump off, timing another perfect move as if time had stopped and was able to slice through the beast's left arm, making it fall off. With another well-timed leap he was able to thrust his blade into the beast's chest, literally going through the beast and have it topple forward in agonizing pain.
Crispen dropped down onto the ground and put his blade away, sniffing the air and chuckled, posing with a rather obscene arrogance. The sky seemed to darken without him taking notice to it but Asspin quickly did, cowering behind the gloating hero.
“Um... Crispen,” he said, in a rather shaky voice. “Do you have the faintest clue what's going on?”
Crispen looked up and looked around, then went into a battle stance when he heard thunder. A light suddenly surrounded both of the heroes, soon lifting Crispen off of the ground and toward the clouds. He was shocked to be lifted off of the ground so easily. A sudden stroke of light was seen through the clouds, as if it was coming toward him as a hand. He reached out and grabbed it, then was quickly pulled into the sky, landing on a rather solid cloud, looking up staring at Ethos, the a Mojo God himself.
“Crispen,” he said, in a rather welcoming voice. “I am Ethos, Guardian of the valleys in all of Wumptasia. I have seen you fight and am quite impressed. I leave you with a new position that the Gods create for the mortals that they seek to be powerful.” He raised his hand up high, the leaves on his band beginning to rustle as his muscular form began to glow brightly. A concentrated beam hit Crispen and made him groan, making a powerful force began to flow through his veins. Muscles formed on his scrawny arms, creating strong and powerful biceps. His legs became strong as well, becoming muscular to a point where it went with his new muscular chest and limbs.  He roared out himself, surprising himself, too. He looked over himself and grinned,then felt a red marking go across his biceps, then partly his chest.
“Crispen, you have been granted the strength of a Mojo God,” Ethos smiled joyously. “For you are now the Bandicoot of War. Unofficially, of course. To earn your full credit as this new type of Mojo God, you must find Corruptuious and slay him. We do not know how long it will take you and it's a guarantee that Melda may be long gone by the time you are able to defeat Corruptuious.”
Crispen raised a brow and narrowed his eyes, spinning around in and angry fashion, flashing his blades, then stood in a battle stance when he stopped. He spotted a crate and growled at it, then slashed it up with his blade.
“Whoa,” Asspin said. “Instead of Crispen, you should have been called Crash. You sure have a great desire for destruction.”
“Excellent name for his new Godliness,” Ethos said. “He will now be addressed as Crash by any mortals he encounters.”
With those final words, the surroundings lit up greatly and Crispen- now Crash- fell forward in a drunken haze, passing out almost immediately.
Here's the first of my story series. Bandicoot of War (was Crash of War)!

Enjoy the Prologue!

Chapter 1 (Part 1): [link]

Can't view it? Mature filter blocked? Then read it here: [link]
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Finished reading, wow, my eyes are heavy and I see stuff, issh XD
Great story, I love the details you give it it, it makes it very reach and interesting to read, well done. :D
CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank yous 8D.
Kassyaa Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
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CrashFreak Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
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